Critter Visit

Daily check in at your home for furkids that just need a potty break, medication or walk. Great for people who work long hours. Visits are tailored to meet your pets needs and schedule. Rates start at $16 for 45min visit

Critter Care

We'll take a hike, play in the park or zoom your pet to the vet. We're crazy about your critter care needs! Services include safe transportation to vet visits and trips to the dog park or groomers. Flat rates start at $20.

Professional pet sitting services are provided in your home or ours!


Pet Services Unlimited is your best choice for professional, affordable pet care services. We understand your pet is family and tailor our services specifically for your critter. No need board your pet; most boarding facilities are unclean and traumatic, our services eliminate any risk to your pet's health and it's completely cage free! 

Daily visits, overnights in your home or ours, doggie daycare, rides to the vet, trips to the park, or a spoonful of medicine, we're pet care crazy and ready to help!
So relax...and rest assured your pet is having a ball, and playing with one too.

We can do it!

Don't see a service you need? Just ask! We're crazy about pet care and will make sure your pet gets the care it needs while you are away.

pet care crazy!

Critter Sleepover

Your pet stays in the home of one of our professional Critter Sitters. Good for long vacations and business trips. All pets are treated like family and are part of the home, no kennels or cages. Rest assured your pet is having a ball, and playing with one too! Services include 24 hour stay in home stay. Rates start at $30 per night. 


Critter Sitter
A professional critter sitter stays in your home with a pet while you are away. Perfect for the pet who does best in its own environment. Service includes an overnight stay in your home, with no more than a 4-hour gap between services. Rates start at $40 per night.

professional service. quality care.

peace of Mind

We are bonded, insured and require background checks on all sitters. Safety and security of your home and pet is our priority.


K. Alderson
Pet Owner

care and services for your critter.

everyone welcome!

We welcome all companion animals of any size, species or breed. Special needs and medication okay!

My pet loves her sitter! Thanks, Pet Services Unlimited

Pet Services Unlimited